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The conundrum of conformity

Posted: 3rd February 2014 by The ImModerator in anarchist thought

Ok. So you want to make a big statement. You are an anarchist and that means you are an individual. You may be a radical rebel anarchist, an armchair anarchist, an apathetic anarchist, a philanthropist to anarchist causes or just wildly disinterested in mainstream but at some stage you are going to face a conundrum. […]

The article, from Rosie Waites for the BBC News Magazine¬†offers an interesting perspective for all those Apathetic Anarchists interested in political dynamics. Why is this symbolic image being used in countries that have no affiliation with Guy Fawkes? Is it simply the international reach of Hollywood movies that allows a parochial figure to morph […]

Anarchy or Terrorism?

Posted: 30th June 2010 by The ImModerator in anarchist thought

Global authorities can be seen as the pinnacle of coercive (as opposed to inclusive) government. They will consciously ignore local cultures, situations and perspectives when concocting and dictating policy or action. Given that anarchy is a concept of having no rulers then it makes sense for any globally based gathering to attract a larger share […]