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What is the movement that has suddenly “sprung up” around the world? How can something with the seemingly parochial banner of “Occupy Wall Street” cause a flow-on series of demonstrations around the globe? Is it really all about money? Maybe but more likely maybe not. The masses of the Great Unwashed are raising their heads […]

Anarchy in Action

Posted: 13th October 2011 by The ImModerator in Quick thoughts
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Grab a gun, find a cause, and make a difference. Stirring stuff, these calls to action – but what part would you play if the call was at your door? What if Paul Revere were riding past in the middle of the night, shouting for all and sundry to join the ranks of the downtrodden […]

Anarchy or Terrorism?

Posted: 30th June 2010 by The ImModerator in anarchist thought

Global authorities can be seen as the pinnacle of coercive (as opposed to inclusive) government. They will consciously ignore local cultures, situations and perspectives when concocting and dictating policy or action. Given that anarchy is a concept of having no rulers then it makes sense for any globally based gathering to attract a larger share […]