What is the movement that has suddenly “sprung up” around the world? How can something with the seemingly parochial banner of “Occupy Wall Street” cause a flow-on series of demonstrations around the globe? Is it really all about money?

Maybe but more likely maybe not.

The masses of the Great Unwashed are raising their heads above the television set, and have noticed that all is not well in the world of politics and representation. Fringe politicians and pressure groups are having a larger voice, leading to a misrepresentation of what the “average” person wants. For the Apathetic Anarchist, this is fertile ground. Clearly, anyone with a grudge will happily jump on board the Disruption Express but there is not doubt that the idea that “things just aren’t right” is one that will resonate in this environment.

Occupy Wall Street - what is the argument?

Is there a common thread? The NY Times thinks it is anger. What do you think?


You can’t really call a global series of protests “Occupy Wall Street”. There has to be a bigger theme common to all of these displays of angst. Have a read of Spiegel Online’s more global coverage…


or these comments from the New York Times article on the marchers and their aims…


How about anarchy? Are these folk simply asking that the government that they operate under be more representative, less misprepresentative and a lot more aware of itself? In its purest form, Anarchy is the absence of government – but a good hard investigation into the history of anarchy will uncover the disturbing revelation that modern man needs a higher level of organisation than can be achieved by a large number of small communities. At the same time, the shortcomings of capitalism and its mixing with the practical implementation of an ideal democracy, will lead to the realisation that political systems haven’t yet evolved to the point where they can cope with a technology driven world.

So here’s a thought – what role is there for Anarchy in all of this? Is it simply a label that we can use to thought-bubble photos of smashed ATM’s and torched vehicles on urban streets or does it have a genuine place in the process of reform for political processes and systems?

How about “Vacate Wall Street“,

 and “Occupy My World“.

That’d be more in line with anarchist thought, and it can’t create anything worse than what we have now.

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