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Posted: 18th August 2009 by The ImModerator in anarchist thought
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The bunker is full, and the revolution is brewing.

Anarchy is a concept whose time has come again. In many ways, it has always been a time for anarchy but events from late 2007 through to now have highlighted the inequity and imablances fundamental to governments and institutions of the ‘developed world’.

The image of a stable and prosperous system based on capitalism has been exposed as the fallacy it always was. That does not necessarily mean that capitalism has failed – just that capitalism in its raw state has been shown to be a sham.

The institutions and processes that were central to the operation of the free-market system were working on false assumptions, being managed by people who barely understood the way their businesses functioned, and fed by a sales related ethos that favoured greed over sense.

Governments are entrenched in these corporate systems and chose to work towards keeping the same inept managers in jobs they had proved unsuited to rather than working to assist the individual struggling to operate in a chaotic world.

Anarchy may or may not be an answer but it certainly is a good alternative to guage any system against, and any society would be better for taking the time to do so.

A difficulty with this is the broad range of ideas, concepts, views and structures that can all be covered by the word anarchy. To help others guage an idea of the scope of anarchistic thought, how about taking a few moments to complete the poll below and share your own ideas?

 Wikipedia has set up an Anarchy web portal from which you can locate huge amounts of information on Anarchy. It is well worth a look at.


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